Cover Reveal

Hello Dears,

The book cover for August Prather is Not Dead Yet was revealed this weekend. I am so excited to share this beautiful design with the world. I am eternally grateful to Shayne Leighton at The Parliament House for creating something that captures the gorgeous grit and heart of the story. And it's pink!!!

Also, manuscript is going to line edits, so we are one step closer to a real readable piece of literature for you to hold in your e-book reader of choice. And perhaps also in paper pages. 

I have been busy finishing the first book in a series I have been plotting for some time. Book two has begun and is taking off rapidly. I'm not sure what to title the series just yet, but it will be named and sent away to the world soon. Another fantasy, this one a bit of a neo-noir set in a ruined city. With lots of queer romance, of course. More on this project soon...

With Love,


Kristin Rourke